Forward Thinking

Volatile, complex and increasingly regulated business environments generate uncertainty for organisations. The lack of foresight and initiatives for managing risk can have important impacts on the balance sheet and the reputation of organisations.

MatErh provides an integral and specialised focus on risk management to identify and assess the severity of threat situations and to help organisations to assign them the suitable response strategy.

Our team works THINKING ABOUT FUTURE, planning scenarios to predict possible future threats, identifying causes, patterns and trends. Acting as a consequence, we provide the best solutions in the market to transfer risks to the insurance sector.

MatErh was born from two large organisations with a long business history

Multinational corporation that arose more than 40 years ago in the Balearic Islands within the hotel sector.

Born in Bilbao 135 years ago and undertaking its activities in the sectors of maritime services and logistics, steel and industrial products trading and information technologies.

The merger of both organisations gave birth to MatErh. Forward Thinking.