MatErh has a new service, an Online Whistleblowing Channel, which facilitates the reporting of criminal, irregular or unethical behaviour within organisations.

Laura Casal, Consulting Manager at MatErh, stressed that “the Online Whistleblowing Channel is opening up a communication avenue in order to guarantee good internal practices and prevent possible criminal liabilities arising from deficient business praxis. Furthermore, it is a deterrent and fosters a culture of compliance and transparency”.

The Online Whistleblowing Channel meets European Directive 2019/1937 that requires legal entities with 50 or over workers to have a channel such as the one set up by MatErh.

MatErh provides a comprehensive service that envisages the technological component of the online channel, along with its management by legal experts. The channel safeguards the identity of the whistleblowers, the confidentiality of the information received and provides traceability of the complaints.

Laura Casal noted that “the Online Whistleblowing Channel complies with Article 31 of the Spanish Criminal Code which establishes the obligation to return to the competent authority regarding any possible risks of non-compliances, along with overseeing the running of the prevention channels. The aim is to protect organisations where crimes such as fraud, money-laundering, unfair competition, internal corruption, etc. can be committed.