MatErh starts up a new Online Whistleblowing Channel

MatErh has a new service, an Online Whistleblowing Channel, which facilitates the reporting of criminal, irregular or unethical behaviour within organisations.

Protecting the company against the Coronavirus pandemic

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is growing exponentially and the WHO has declared a pandemic. European, national and regional authorities

MATERH is to take part in the Diario de Ibiza Panel of Experts on Cybersecurity

“The tourist industry, and hotels in particular, is targeted by cyber criminals”

Risk Management in the Logistics Chain. The importance of understanding the Threats faced by business

The increase in the movement of merchandise as a consequence of the remarkable growth of global trade in goods…

Why choose ISO 31000?

All the services we provide, from the design of risk management programmes through to their implementation, …

Analysis of claims made 

This is another of the measures that we understand companies should put in place. The nature of everyday…

Total Cost of Risk (TCoR)

One of the most important steps in risk management involves calculating the Total Cost of Risk (TCoR).

Is risk management right for my organisation?

Irrespective of the size of your business, it is essential to have risk management strategies, as there is a need to…

Benefits of risk management

Knowing and understanding all the risks that may affect the business and pre-empting them enables us to analyse, …

Why manage risk?

Organisations are directly responsible for the actions of those people working for them (employees, volunteers, public servants…).